New 8 Ball Pool Guides for Rules and Fouls

8 Ball Pool Guides: Everything You Need To Know

Hello friends if you are just started play 8 Ball Pool game for the first time or you just want to learn or need a guide for few new tricks to improve your 8 ball pool game, well we’ve here all 8 ball pool guides you want to learn. In that We’ve also added some questions we get frequently asked by our user many times on our Facebook pages and on Twitter.

We have also got tips from the best: gamer who have sent us their advice and share experience on how to become a top 8 Ball Pool player.

8 ball pool guides

8 Ball Pool Game Rules

  • Calling pockets

In 8 ball pool to call a pocket all time you have to do that click the pocket in which you want to pot the ball. There is some of the mid-ranked tables user require you to call the pocket on the 8 Ball. And higher rank tables need you to call a pocket for every ball.

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  • Common fouls

In 8 ball pool Fouls that will result in a ball in hand for the other player

Running out of time: In 8 ball pool there is a limited and short time to take a shot. so play your shot in that time and don’t take long and passes game to the other. In 8 ball pool the play time gets a little shorter after every ball you pot.

The Cue ball not hitting your own balls: When you play the game be alert the white ball doesn’t hit your own ball before hitting the other player ball. If it touches your own ball or miss the shot it’s a foul.

No ball hitting the rail: When you the game to prevent the negative play, you have to hit the object ball or the cue ball hit the rail around the any edge of the table.

8 Ball potting: There are some following situations are fouls, and the result in that other player will declare as winner.

  • All your object ball is not potted and you potting the 8 ball this is a foul.
  • Potting the 8 ball and the cue ball same shot.
  • Potting 8 ball after any other colored ball on the same shot.

Game mechanics

Breaking off

In 8 ball pool you can move cue ball anywhere in the space to the left of white line, if you get to break off.

In any shot you pot one or more balls during your turn you get another turn. Where is, the table will remain “open” so you can choose if you want pot the spots or stripes.

However, any striped or spotted balls potted during break won’t count until you pot either pattern during your next turn.

The opponent gets a ball in hand, If you pot the cue ball in your turn

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Having a ball in hand

In 8 ball pool if you have ball in your hand can move the cue ball anywhere on the table. With the help of mouse you can move the cue ball anywhere.

In mobile you can drag the ball on the table.

Using spin

When you take a shot in 8 ball pool table the spin can help to get better position of the cue ball in your next turn. User can put spin on the ball by red symbol on the cue ball using arrow keys or by mouse.

In mobile you have to move the red circle on mobile screen tab the cue ball for the moving ball in spin direction.

PROTIP: User says “To being a great 8 Ball Pool player the positioning is the better key. Positioning of the cue ball in 8 ball pool table is key and keeping a tight control on where that cue ball is at all times. Don’t smack the balls like your life depends on it. Use all of the time given to you and think about not just your first shot, but the very last shot you want to play.”

8 ball pool game rules

Challenging/adding friends

In 8 ball pool game you can challenge your Facebook friends and to challenge your friend you’ve to linked your Facebook account with the Miniclip accounts.

In the 8 ball pool game you can search any user or your friend if you know their Username in the game. NOTE: You can find a player in search if he is online.

In 8 ball pool can search using user IDs (Mobile only).

By clicking on plus sign you can add a player.

How do I earn coins/cash for free

In 8 ball pool you can earn 25 coins every 30 mints on Web and 1 hour on Mobile. Tap of the Free Coins button to get the coins.

In that you can also watch short adverts to earn coins.

You earn 1 Pool Cash each time you level up.

Experience points, levels and ranks

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8 Ball Pool Guides for Rules and Fouls
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8 Ball Pool Guides for Rules and Fouls
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